Bank of skills and knowledge

Graceland’s project ‘Bank of skills and knowledge’ has been qualified for the final round of the TESCO program ‘We help. You decide’ #Decydujeszpomagamy. The project aims at facilitating the exchange of information, knowledge and experience in order to activate and integrate local communities.

Proper Documentation – Effective Dissemination

Graceland’s new project “Proper Documentation – Effective Dissemination” received funding under the Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich – Śląskie Lokalnie / Grants for development of young organizations. The project will support purchase of multimedia hardware, helpful in our educational and dissemination activities.

International volunteers in action!

28 international volunteers have been accepted for the „Silesia. For a better stay” program. During the following three months they will be carrying out a research aiming at identifying the needs and expectations of foreign nationals living in the region, concerning the availability and relevance of its educational and cultural offer. Our volunteers represent different age, social and professional groups. Some have been living in Poland for many years, the others arrived just one month ago. They come from 4 continents and represent 15 countries: Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, Mexico, China, South Korea and Vietnam. We are very much looking forward to reading the reports and recommendations.


New volunteers have joined our team, with new ideas for integration activities towards local communities. Most of them need, however, some funding. That’s why during the past few weeks we have been working hard on completing fundraising application forms to different organizations. We do believe our efforts will pay off soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

New premises

We have also acquired new premises in the city center, easily accessible also by public transportation. We renovate it for the purpose of our new project idea „International skills exchange”, but we can use it also for organizing other meetings and workshops. There is still a lot to do, but we believe we will be able to launch our program in spring.