CECA Co-creation development

Co-creation development, Entrepreneurial awareness raising, Cross-media management and Action stimulation on civic problems solving CECA establishes a partnership between higher education institutions and nonprofit organisations throughout Europe. CECA aims to boost student talents in digital media management and increase visibility of nonproft organisations. Students of the participating universities put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice, develop innovative ideas and solve “real-world” problems. As case studies for the student competition the focus is put on the nonprofit organisations, whose efficiency strictly depends on communication and image of the organisation. They have to drive their social visibility in order to recruit and engage members, donors and volunteers. On the other hand, direct cooperation with the social organisations, NGOs, aid agencies and fundations enhances the market relevance of the study programmes. Through these measures CECA strives to increase the quality of higher education for students in the given field. Students develop cross media strategies for NGOs and deliver their fnal presentations to an international judging panel. Organisations can use the solutions and strategies developed by the students in their communication and marketing strategies.