Graceland is a unique place, created out of the need to share. The need to share knowledge, experience and emotions. A place that is open to people young and old, to kids, youths, grownups and seniors. A place where  one can grow their passions and fulfill dreams, where new ideas come to life, where no question is left unanswered.

Why Graceland? We found the inspiration in places, people, ideas and art: Elvis Presley and his Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, a statue of spectacular success achieved through determination and hard work ; Paul Simon and his record album Graceland made out of the fascination with different cultures; Chris Abani and his book titled GraceLand, a story entangled in poverty, joblessness, violence, corruption and the challenges posed by globalization; the Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, promoting liberal arts and championing interdisciplinary approach to teaching and to life.

Those are the very values at the heart of our Foundation. Graceland is a place dedicated to mutual respect and understanding, irrelevant of the age, gender, sexual preference, nationality or religion. It is a place for chances to be made equal and for minority rights to be protected. A place providing for intellectual, physical, emotional and social development . A meeting point, an idea hub stimulating discussion and opinion sharing. A release valve for curiosity, sensitivity and creativity. And a place where generations and cultures can come together and become integrated.

Our goal is to make functioning in a world without borders, barriers and divisions possible and easy while protecting the identity of local and regional communities. To face the fundamental question of what constitutes knowledge, truth, emotions and social relations while actively working towards expansion of knowledge and development of practical ability and life skills. To promote self-reliance, initiative and entrepreneurship and, at the same time, to foster aesthetic values and facilitate creative expression. To increase  participation in cultural activities while cultivating individual aspirations and talents. To encourage healthy attitudes, but also to put in place specific activation measures for kids, young people, adults and seniors.

Our projects are carried out in cooperation with schools, universities, businesses, municipalities, cultural institutions and social organizations. The aims of the Foundation couldn’t be achieved without the support of sponsors and benefactors, and the involvement of volunteers and friends around the world. Thank you for your friendship, trust and kindness.