Escape Box | Project activities

The Language and Culture Escape Box is an educational tool developed jointly by all partners, based on an in-depth analysis of the existing methodologies in the preparation stage.

Tasks leading to the development of the Output:
O1-A1: In-depth analysis of the existing escape room educational tools with regard to adapt it to language and culture teaching and learning
O1-A2: Developing the templates (in English), defining topics
O1-A3: Testing and mid-term evaluation 
O1-A4: Developing tasks for the students/learners in local languages (Dutch, Norwegian, Polish and Italian); developing a visual key; purchasing locks, hasps, boxes
O1-A5: Proofreading, printing, and testing, collecting feedback, final evaluation
O1-A6: Final modifications and adjustments, introducing the tool to teaching methodologies of the participating organizations.

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