Escape Box | Project description

The goal of the project is to provide language teachers and multicultural educators with new educational tools in order to promote local/national cultures and languages. The project partners believe that knowledge of the native language and culture is an essential element of good integration and successful entry of the immigrants into the labour market, so we are constantly looking for new, creative, innovative tools to make language learning more interesting and efficient. As a result, the consortium decided to develop a Language and Culture Escape Box which will be used for teaching Dutch, Norwegian, Polish and Italian as a second language. The tool will also serve to promote the local cultures, religions and traditions.

The project is targeted at students/learners and staff of the participating institutions as well as other stakeholders (language schools, multicultural centers, migrant institutions and other social partners). The project involves 12 language teachers and multicultural educators form partner institutions who will develop the tool and 32 adult learners (immigrants) who will take part in its testing. Other beneficiaries (other learner groups, participants of the multiplier events, other adult education providers) will be able to use the project results when available.

The following activities are planned in the project:
1. Developing the Language and Culture Escape Box as a tool to promote language learning and cultural awareness.
2. Testing the tool with the local students and learners (migrants).
3. Organizing multiplier conferences in four countries to disseminate the project’s intellectual output;.
4. The usual project tasks: organization of transnational meetings, general management, monitoring of activities and evaluation of results, promotion and dissemination activities.

All project activities and coherent and inter-related. The project work has been planned for 16 months, with main stages starting and ending with a partner meeting. During the preparation of this project proposal we have specified which institutions will be responsible for coordinating the individual activities, and we have established the communication channels between the partners. A strong emphasis is put on monitoring the progress of the project work, reporting and evaluation both at the project level, and in individual activities. The tasks include also promotion and dissemination activities to reach a wide target group and to ensure the sustainability of the project results.

All project activities and results correspond to the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and objectives of the Strategic Partnerships action. The project enhances cultural awareness and promotes integration of immigrants in local communities. It helps equip the language teachers and multicultural educators with new, creative and innovative educational tool. The Language and Culture Escape Box will integrated with the regular teaching activities of the participating institutions. The produced material will be open licensed and made available in the Internet for wider use.

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